Nag's Damarukam Censor & Preview Reports


King Akkineni Nagarjuna is coming with the biggest budgeted film in his career Damarukam, this festive season. It has completed its censor and has got U/A rating. Here is our exclusive censor report.

Damarukam’s biggest strength is said to be its story and visual effects. But sources say the film takes its time to get into the thick of things and builds slowly towards the core story after a wonderful introduction. It is in the second half where all the excitement lies and it is going to take everyone by surprise says the sources.

Good introduction and second half with the core story and unraveling of the action leading to the grand final climax is said to be the highlight of the film. Special effects are the major reason as one would expect for this highlights. Overall first half appears to be a downer compared to second half where all the action lies with a super climax.

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Damarukam too has the Dussera advantage to take. The trade is expecting the film to be the biggest grosser in the career of Akkineni Nagarjuna, how big only time will tell.

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