Agnyaathavaasi – Blessing In Disguise For Powerstar


The craze for Power Star Pawan Kalyan in films is something that needs no introduction. He won hearts with Khushi and kept it up with a unique brand of entertainment that earned him cult fans.

But as things stand now, his sojourn into politics has put his cinema career in a fix.

Directors like Neason and Santosh Srinivas are waiting for his dates. Apart from that, T Subbirami Reddy had once announced a multistarrer with Chiranjeevi and Pawan Kalyan. Post-Agnaathavaasi, there have been rumors of another movie with Trivikram. The crux is, however, nothing has been finalized or even looks like it will be.

In his recent political meeting, he announced that he will be in full-time politics and will not act in movies any further. Maybe, he will act once the impending elections are over. Is this a blessing in disguise for Pawan Kalyan? The star has just completed giving three back to back disasters. And it didn’t look like things would change suddenly given how he isn’t wholly devoted to movies. Few more ‘epic’ failures ahead would have severely dented his commercial standing.

Now, he gets a chance to do what he likes, be among people via politics. And with elections in a year, post its result he could be back to movies rejuvenated and keeping the interest alive among fans. Do you think Agnyaathavaasi was a blessing in disguise saving the star from bigger embarrassments? Shoot us your opinions, and we will highlight the best response.

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