US BO: Goodachari Vs Chi La Sow


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After a dull month of July, where almost all the movies crashed at the box office here comes a packed August with a promising set of films. The first week will see two small but refreshing films pitted against each other.

Goodachari and Chi La Sow are the two films that are hoping to make it big at the box office via the US performance. With both the movies vying for the attention of the same set of people, it will be interesting to see which comes out a winner.

As of now, Goodachari has the edge owing to its genre, action and release. But a family entertainer with dollops of comedy is the most beloved genre for the US audience. There is every chance for Chi La Sow to make up for the weak start. It is an evenly poised content, let us see who emerges the winner.

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