Aagadu Teaser Trailer 2 – Misses The Punch



Teaser number 2 of the most awaited release of the year Aagadu has been released today on the occasion of birthday of Superstar Mahesh Babu. The first impression one on the second teaser, one must say, doesn’t meet the expectations. May be its becuase of bar being set too high due to the first teaser or because of the rehashed punches taken from online jokes and previous movies, the impact expected is missing.

On a positive side Superstar Mahesh Babu looks dashing and cinematography and production values look super rich. A grand, good looking offering is a foregone conclusion, the million dollar question is which teaser represents the film, will the film be more like the first teaser or will it have its content similar to the second teaser. This could very well be the decisive factor for the reception of the film.


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