4th film sentiment proves lucky for Charan too


Telugu film industry always loves sentiments of any kind. So here is a sentiment which has proven lucky for the major stars and it has now proven lucky for Mega Power Star Ram Charan too.

It’s the 4th film sentiment. Remember the turning points in the career of Power Star, Young Tiger and Superstar well they are as you all know Toliprema, Aadi and Murari. Well all these coincidentally happen to be the 4th film of respective stars. Now Mega Power Star Ram Charan too has joined the list with Racha which is his 4th film. Also like the above mentioned films it has given individual stardom to Mega Power Star Ram Charan too.
ram charan racha movie online pics
Now all eyes are on another famous sentiment the 7th film sentiment. Remember Kushi, Okkadu and Simhadri. Zanjeer remake would be Mega Power Star Ram Charan’s 7th film. Will the sentiment come true and give Ram Charan national stardom; we have to wait and see.

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