Top Five Most Rated Movies Of Tollywood In 2018


2018 Top Five Most Rated Movies Telugu:

Now that almost all the most hyped big yet small flicks are released for the year 2018, let us have a deep look at the five most rated flicks of this year according to the analysts and netizens.


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1. ℅ Kancharapalem:  With complete fresh cast and crew, this silent flick made its impact on the movie lovers with its true narration. Touted to be an uncinematic screenplay, this flick impressed big with its sincere attempt of telling a story without any cinematic liberties and commercial elements and ended up with a top rating.



2. Goodachari: This sleek thriller became a blockbuster with its unique theme and strict narration. Adivi Sesh once again proved that content is the King of any Cinema.


Film Companion Baradwaj Review Mahanati lead 1

3. Mahanati: This biopic of passed away Telugu legend Sri Savitri garu’s life history made a huge impact on the current generation. With good productional values and amazing taking by the director Nag Aswin, this flick gained the love of Telugu audience.


4. Rangasthalam: Sukumar’s village drama which stood true to the concept and script ended up as the Industry hit in the career of Mega power star Ram Charan Tej. Stellar performances by the lead cast made this flick the biggest hit of this year with raving reviews from the critics.


2018 Top Five Most Rated Movies Telugu
2018 Top Five Most Rated Movies Telugu

5. Awe: This flick directed by a newcomer who is said to be a hardcore fan of Hollywood shook the Telugu Industry with it’s out of box concept. With more than five parallel stories, this flick made its impact on the moviegoers and shall remain as a special movie in the history of Telugu Cinema. One should watch this flick if they are desperate to experience a different Cinema.


There are some other movies which have created a sensation at the box office but these five films have critically won the acclaim of the audience for its unique content.


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