2.0 Trailer Vs Robo: Top Five Key Changes


2.0 Trailer Vs Robo: Top Five Key Changes:

The production house Lyca Productions released the most awaited theatrical trailer of sequel 2.0. Starring Superstar Rajini Kanth, Bollywood Action hero Akshay Kumar and Amy Jackson, this flick’s theatrical trailer is on the way smashing Youtube records in all the versions of releasing languages. Have a glimpse of top five key changes of this trailer which made this flick look entirely different to that of prequel Robo.


2.0 Trailer
2.0 Trailer


1. Fine-tuned Special Effects:

2.0 is indeed an upgraded version compared to Robo as the VFX works stood as a top-notch for the movie lovers. Each and every frame appears grand in terms of special effects and productional values.


2. Upgraded Chitti:

Robo’s Chitti used to be class and decent but the 2.0’s version of Chitti seemed more powerful and strong to deal with the anti-social elements.


3. Theme Plot:

In the first part, the story revolves around how a humanoid Robot can destruct the world if it lands in bad hands. There the conflict is between the creator Vasigaran and his product Chitti. In the 2.0, the theme revolves around the antagonist Akshay Kumar and hero Chitti 2.0.


4. Glamour dominating Romance:

No one could forget Aishwarya Rai’s presence in the first part. From romantic scenes to the songs, the director Shankar completely utilized the full potential of this ex-Miss World. In the second part, there is hardly any romance but the makers are guaranteeing glamour as the supermodel Amy is on board as a female Robo.


5. Antagonist’s role:

Robo himself becomes the antagonist in the first part by having the dangerous red chip and the villain has no ample time to establish himself as he gets killed by the Chitti with a red chip. 2.0 has a perfect antagonist in the name of Akshay Kumar. The riveting contest between Chitti and this alien Crow is exciting


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