Mind Blowing Facts About Shankar-Rajini Kanth’s 2.0


2.0 is just a couple of hours from its worldwide release and already the movie lovers are in the mania of this stunning sequel. To leave the readers in the fever of this flick, here are some amazing points associated with this big-ticket Cinema:

1. The antagonist Akshay Kumar’s role as Scientist Dr. Richard was initially planned to cast world hero Arnold but the latter failed to give his dates for some personal reasons.

2. Superstar Rajini Kanth will entertain his fans in five avatars in this flick. Continuing the roles of Dr. Vasigaran and Chitti-The Robo, 2.0 has three extra roles of Rajini who will be seen as two dward robots and One bad Robot.

3. Rajini Kanth’s Chitti Robo will steal the limelight with its reloaded outfit. This 18 kilos weighed suit is specially designed by the makers which cost almost 3 lakhs.

4. Akshay Kumar used to wear the makeup as the scary Birdman who is also called as the Fifth Force. It took 3.5 hours of makeup every day for Akshay and one hour to remove it. Hollywood make up artists like Sean Foot who worked for Avatar extended his work for 2.0

5. More than 15 VFX companies worked with almost 3000 technicians to create 900 VFX shots in this flick thereby making this flick as the first Indian project to have more Special Effects shots.

6. Makers Lyca Productions spent 550 crores of budget betting big on the names of Shankar and Rajini Kanth which made this flick as the biggest budget ever in India.

7. For the first time in Indian Film History, 2.0 is completely shot with 3-D Cameras and it is the first flick ever in India to be recorded in 4-D surround sound.

8. British Model Amy Jackson is an added feature to this flick. She is going to impress all with her glamour, romance, action sequences. Probably she is the first female humanoid Robot in Indian Cinema.


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