'Verudokkade' Leads Among New Releases



Despite as many as five films releasing yesterday and with near to nothing in terms of promotion, Ajith and Tamannah starrer ‘Verrudokkade’ took the best opening. The film coming close on the heels of Aata Arrambam seems to have done the trick as that film had good appreciation among the masses irrespective of its run at the box office. The positive afterlife word of mouth of that film seems to have worked its magic for ‘Veerudokkade’.

Closely following ‘Veerudokkade’ was ‘Bhadram’ which was promoted heavily. The film is carrying decent word of mouth and is expected to pick up soon. In spite of the aggressive promotion lack of known faces or interesting subject seems to have resulted in the less than anticipated opening of the film.

Rest of the films had very poor opening, especially the the other releases Citizen and Veta. The openings could be said as miserable for these film with no hopes of any pick up.


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