U Turn First Weekend: In The Right Direction


U-Turn First Weekend Collections:

The first extended weekend of U-Turn has been on the right path. The movie opened well relative to its size and release, on the first day, and since then it has sustained well.

U-Turn First Weekend Collections
U-Turn First Weekend Collections

In its opening weekend, U-Turn has collected close to 3 Cr. It is a superb achievement for the movie. A comparison can be made with a similar size film Goodachari. The Telugu states numbers are alike even though U-Turn had a holiday and extra day advantage.  When it comes to the first week, the Spy thriller could be ahead, a little too.


The problem here is despite the lead and slightly better performance, U-Turn won’t be a hit like a Goodachari due to the high price paid for the acquisition. To achieve that status, the Samantha starrer needs to be highly stable until the end of the second weekend. 


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