Sankranthi BoxOffice Winner


So finally all the films have released. Here is the initial box-office story so far.


The film promised entertainment and delivered the entertainment its promised. The film opened very well across all the sections and is steady and going full for the entire weekend. There are few noises that are heard about the lack of freshness in story but hey as long as it entertains it doesn’t matter to the common man. And the trend so far supports this argument.

Openings: Good Openings
Final Verdict Prediction: Hit

*Golconda High School*

The film lived up to whatever little expectation it had and is doing well in the selected theaters it released. Its rated as the best film among the sankranthi releases by all the critics. The word of mouth is good and should help the movie in the long run.

Openings: Average [Limited Release]

Final Verdict Prediction: Below Average

*Aanaganaga O Dherudu*

This visual extravaganza has lived up to the visuals it promised but has disappointed big time as far as its story and screenplay go. Has opened well in selected A centers and is doing very well in those places for the weekend. The coming Monday could see huge drops across the state.

Openings: Below Average
Final Verdict Prediction: Flop

*Parama Veera Chakra*

This film in the combination of Nandamuri Balakrishna and Dasari Narayana Rao did not live up to even the little expectation it had. It opened poorly and just never picked up. By the end of the weekend it could very well be out of most of the multiplexes as the shows are already being reduced to single digits.

Openings: Disaster
Final Verdict Prediction: Disaster

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