Naayak 6 Days Collections Report


On Day 6 Naayak had a good jump again compared to the previous day due to the Sankranthi holiday. The film was as expected fantastic in the B,C Centers of the state across the territories, despite distribution issues. ‘A’ centers in certain areas were less also due to the same distribution issues despite having overflowing crowds. Nizam has not been on par with the rest of the territories for the film, however it was still good but not over-flowingly fantastic like the rest of the areas.

Here are 6 Days collections of the film. In bracket are the Day 6 collections.

Krishna – 1.28 (0.20)
Guntur – 2.15 Cr (0.33)
Nellore – 1.11 Cr (0.23)
West – 1.69 (0.25)
East – 1.66 (0.24)
Uttar Andhra – 2.22 (0.30)
Ceded – 4.93 (0.85)
Nizam –

Total AP –

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