Rabhasa Day 2: The High And The Low



On day 2 Rabhasa saw a trend that hints at its future prospects. It shows patterns to emerging trends that could lead us to its final run. Rabhasa had a mixed day on the whole and when we say mixed we don’t mean there was a universal rise and fall. The film was strong in three to four territories where as it dropped big in few others. And interestingly at places where it was poor in the morning, it picked up by the evening shows and at places where it was strong earlier in the day dropped in the evening shows.

Overall it was such a day where the people who would like to spin could spin the facts either way but the truth and emerging trend was that the film was clearly on a downward slope, although not as bad as one would imagine. As said at the beginning it points towards a bigger fall going forward in many territories but a territory or two might end up surprising in the end, in comparison to the rest.

Here is the day 2 breakup of the film area wise. Keep checking this space as we update the rest of the areas.

Krishna – 0.21 L


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