Rabhasa Day 1: Third Best



Young Tiger NTR has showed his box office once again with Rabhasa. The film which came with little hype compared to his previous films has found place in top 3 openings at number 3. The Vinayaka Chavithi holiday coupled with the fact that this was the first big star movie after summer has helped immensely in achieving this figure.

The big point to be noted is that a large chunk of the revenue has come from the smaller B and C centres compared to the A centres. Doesn’t mean the A centres weren’t good but Rabhasa got short changed on theatres at those places and hence despite good occupancy the numbers have been restricted to just being good instead of massive.

Here is the day 1 breakup of the film, across the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

Nizam – 2.60 Cr
Krishna – 0.60 L
Nellore – 0.38 L
East – 0.74 L
West – 0.57 L
Guntur – 1.38 Cr
Uttar Andhra – 0.74 L
Ceded – 1.90 Cr

Total AP/Telangana Day 1 Collections – 8.91 Cr

P.S. Includes Hires in All Areas


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