Boxoffice Trade Report – June 3rd Week


This Friday one of the most hyped film of the year, villain released, but it didn’t live up to the mammoth expectations it has created and the openings show it as it failed to take the expected big opening at the A centers, which were its main target audience.

Last week release panchaksari which is already on its way out in A centers is facing the same sitaution in B,C centers too, where it was expected to do well.

In its third week vedam dropped badly already a loser in b,c circuits the film touted to be a multiplex fare for city audience is not getting audience even in A centers now .

The surprise of the end of summer however is golimaar which though started with flop talk, gradually managed to get better talk wise, with each passing week and now it can be safely termed a success as it took its buyers to safety zone over the past week.

Finally the big summer releases darling and simha are in the last leg of there run and nothing significant is expected in further theatrical run.

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