Prabhas's Rebel Ends Up As Loosing Proposition


Young Rebel Star Prabhas’s Rebel is going to see red in almost all the areas of Andhra Pradesh. The film has been on a continuous slide post the Gandhi Jayanthi holiday in its first week. Although it had put up a record number for the first week in Prabhas’s career courtesy the huge prints and holidays it is not going to be his biggest grosser as was expected.

Let’s look at an area for example to see the kind of losses Rebel is looking at. In Krishna territory the film was bought by distributors for a price of 2.25 Cr. The film has so far earned 1.37 Cr and is expected to end its run around or below 1.50 Cr. Although the number is good it would  still be a loss of around 75 lakhs which is a huge number.

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While such huge losses are not expected from other areas still they are expected to be big. A lesson learnt for the buyers we guess.


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