Prabhas's Mirchi Day 5 Collections


On Day 5 Mirchi has held up very well in the main theaters of major centers across the state. The drop in collections continues but is nothing drastic to get alarmed about.

However looking at the trending it looks like Mirchi might just about out gross the Rebel first week Andhra Pradesh numbers or be slightly lower depending on how the next two days perform. This is in quite contrast to the weekend prediction by the trade that the film would go past Rebel first week numbers in Andhra Pradesh comfortably. This is now being termed as the season effect by the trade.

Here are the Day 5 figures of Mirchi from various territories across the state. Keep checking this space for more updates.

Krishna– 0.14 Lakhs
Nellore– 0.07 Lakhs
East- 0.07 Lakhs
West- 0.08 Lakhs
Uttar Andhra- 0.12* Lakhs
Nizam- 0.55 Lakhs
Ceded- 0.34 Lakhs
Guntur- 0.11* Lakhs

Total Day 5 Collections- 1.48 Cr

*Early approximates actual number could be higher or lower.

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