Prabhas's Mirchi Day 4 Collections


Mirchi has performed well on Day 4 of its release but the effect of un-season was visible all over the state. The collections were good in the main centers but it didn’t hold that much in the lower centers all over due to the non season. Today it has opened slightly lower compared to yesterday and going further that is expected to be the case in the weekdays.

Here are the complete Day 4 Collections of the film across the state.

Nellore – 0.09 Lakhs
Krishna – 0.15 Lakhs
East – 0.14 Lakhs
West – 0.09 Lakhs
Guntur – 0.17 Lakhs
Uttar Andhra – 0.14 Lakhs
Nizam – 0.78 Lakhs
Ceded – 0.46 Lakhs

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