Day 1: Srinivas Kalyanam Matches CMR


The opening day of Srinivasa Kalyanam was disappointing. It isn’t as bad as Lover, but the costs involved here are much higher too, and much better numbers were expected.

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The overall first-day number is similar to Nithiin’s last release Chal Mohan Ranga which is around 2.6 Cr. Srinivasa Kalyanam is higher by a few lakhs due to hires in few locations. The final worth number is less than 2.75 Cr as we reported yesterday. There was a pickup in the evening shows which helped the numbers. But, it wasn’t big and hence couldn’t get past 2.75 Cr.

With Vishwaroopam releasing on the second day, the numbers will fall further. However, there could be a small breather during the weekend, post that Srinivasa Kalyanam will find it tough.

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