DevaDas Day 5: Decent Hold Before Big Day


Nani Nagarjuna DevaDas Day 5 Collections:

The first Monday of DevaDas which is coming after a long weekend saw a decent hold. It was partially due to the holiday factor the next day. The evening shows were better in all the A Centres.

Nani Nagarjuna DevaDas Day 5 Collections
Nani Nagarjuna DevaDas Day 5 Collections

A decent hold without much drop on the sixth day was necessary to keep the hopes alive for taking advantage of the Gandhi Jayanti holiday. It looks like that is a done deal given how the day 6 has fared. The day 6 collections are estimated to be around 1.4 Cr mark.  


The total 6 days collections in the Telugu states are going to about 13.5 Cr which is decent. The overall first-week number will be good because of the jump that is going to come tomorrow. But the final fate of the movie will be dependent on how well the Nag and Nani’s bromance manages to pull in the audience from day 7.


Day 6 – 1.39 Cr.


Total 6 Days (AP & T) – 13.49 Cr


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