DevaDas Day 4: The Second Best Day


Nani Nagarjuna DevaDas Day 4 Collections:

The first Sunday was the second best day for DevaDas. It finally got the big jump that was missing on Saturday (Day 3). The rise in numbers gives hope for a potentially strong week number.

Nani Nagarjuna DevaDas Day 4 Collections
Nani Nagarjuna DevaDas Day 4 Collections

The performance of DevaDas was consistently good across the board. The usually weak area like Ceded too was running well. From Nellore to Krishna, to Uttar Andhra it was houseful all over. The best weekend numbers are set for King Akkineni Nagarjuna. As far as Nani is concerned, he has had better and bigger numbers with Middle Class Abbayi which also had a similarly mid-week release.


The first extended weekend numbers for DevaDas are around 12 Cr. The worldwide numbers are about 17 Cr which is again a decent number. However, when one keeps in mind the breakeven figure, even at 17 Cr for the weekend, it looks tough. The good news is that there is a Holiday ahead on the sixth day which is sure to boost collections.


Day 1 – 4.67 Cr

Day 2 – 2.13 Cr

Day 3 – 2.20 Cr

Day 4 – 3.10 Cr


Total 4 Days Collections (AP & T) – 12. 10 Cr


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