Mahesh Babu's Aagadu Day 2 Collections Report.



Superstar Mahesh Babu starrer Aagadu had a decent Day 2 overall. The film opened low in the morning in most of the areas but it was strong as usual in the tier A centers and cities. It dropped further in the afternoon in the smaller centers but the A centers remained stable and in the evening all the areas were uniformly good. Night shows was as the morning shows. All this is of course for all the territories barring Ceded. In Ceded, from the look of things, it seems that there is no rising of collections at all.

Overall thanks to the good retention in the A centers Aagadu will have a fairly good number for Day 2 as well. The final Day 2 numbers have come lower than estimated, around 3.10 Cr mainly due to the low shares in many territories that had huge amounts of hires. The ambiguity over the numbers continues thanks to the pressure from higher forces but here are the available numbers so far for the second day of Aagadu from various territories.

Krishna – 0.21 L
Guntur – 0.26 L
Nellore – 0.13 L
East – 0.24 L
West – 0.17 L
Ceded – 0.45 L
Nizam – 1.40 Cr
Uttar Andhra – 0.38 L

Total Day 2 Collections: 3.10 Cr


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