Aagadu 3rd Day Box Office Collections Report



Day 3 of Aagadu despite being Sunday fared in a similar way as Day 2. The collections remained steady in A centers of all territories with many cinemas registering full houses that weren’t the previous day. But the smaller centers instead of remaining steady at lower end simply went from bad to worse as the day progressed. This came as a surprise to many as it was assumed the collections would at least be stable on lower side.

Overall the day 3 numbers would be just a little higher than Day 2 thanks to the good performance and occupancies in those big A centers. The collections have come in around 3.5Cr as expected and major share of these collections goes to the big cities and A centers. Had the collections in B and C centers been at least similar to previous day (which itself were low) there would have been a further increase in collections but they fared even worse than initially anticipated leading them to be terminated in many areas now.

Below are the third day figures of the film from various territories.

Krishna – 0.23 L
Nellore – 0.12 L
Guntur – 0.25 L
East – 0.28 L
West – 0.19 L
Uttar Andhra – 0.34 L
Ceded – 0.54 L
Nizam – 1.59 Cr

Today Day 3 Collections – 3.54 Cr


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