Vishwaroopam Day 3 Collections Report




Viswaroopam Opens Poorly


Not all films are helped by controversy, Vishwaroopam is a clear example of this. The film had almost no release on opening day in Hyderabad, barring few shows here and there. On the second day the film saw a single screen release silently across the city. As a result the film saw a poor opening in Hyderabad city which was expected to be its strongest area given the kind of film it is.

In the smaller centers across the state the film had very poor openings despite getting some good theaters. In Ceded territory for example the film is expected to be a washout with nothing coming from Monday onwards. Other B, C centers across the state too are expected to have a similar outcome.

The films only chance to do well is high end multiplexes in cities where it hasn’t got full fledged release yet. Let’s hope the film gets a proper release soon in these multiplexes and the film picks up a bit, as it is clearly not as bad as the collections would make one believe it to be.


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