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Goodachari Closing: A Super Hit Overall

Goodachari Movie Closing Collections Report.


Goodachari was the second big surprise in a month’s time after RX100. The movie opened slowly but picked up due to word of mouth.

Goodachari Movie Closing Collections

Goodachari Movie Closing Collections

The difference between RX100 and Goodachari was the mass penetration for the former and the overseas acceptance for the later. Goodachari did well exceedingly in the US, emerging a blockbuster. It wasn’t on the same level in the Telugu states after the opening weekend but maintained a decent trend and more than doubled up the previous best of the lead actor Adivi Sesh.


Goodachari theatricals were valued at around 4 crores, and the film collected nearly 8 crores in the full run. It is a blockbuster in the US. In the Telugu states, the business was scattered few territories being fantastic and other only good. Overall, it is a Super Hit considering the high percentage from the overseas. 

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