Endukante Premanta Falters


For the first time a Karunakaran film has been panned by the critics. Endukante Premanta his latest release has become a punching bag for all the critics and wannabe critics like never before with its far fetched concept and poor handling. While the director has commonly failed to have a good climax in almost all his previous films barring the debut, this is the first time he has faltered for major portions of the film says the critics. endukante-premanta-latest-wallpapers-photos-pics-stills-images-wallpapers-posters

The trade has even worse to say looking at the word of mouth and the collections. A clear picture would emerge tomorrow i.e. Monday, even though the cracks are already visible.

Endukante Premanta was director Karaunakaran’s follow up to two successful films and was the next movie after hit Kandireega for actor Ram.

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