Bhai Competes With Shadow For Disaster Of The Year



King Akkineni Nagarjuna’s latest release Bhai has failed to set the cash registers ringing. The writing on wall was clear on day 1 itself but the extent to which it would crash had to be seen to be believed. Bhai had deficit all over the state in many territories from the 5th day itself (it was earlier in few territories). The stunning, in fact shocking revelation was the fact that the movie isn’t going to collect as much as Greeku Veerudu which itself wasn’t a big grosser either. On top of that it was a class family entertainer. Bhai being a mass entertainer one expected better but in few areas it’s going to do only half of what that film has collected.

In short Bhai is now all set to take over Shadow as the disaster of the year. This has been very unexpected and shocking performance from Akkineni Nagarjuna film one must say, especially as its coming from his home banner Annapurna Studios and not Kamakshi Film Banner which the fans of the star usually target and blame for the poor performance of the films.


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