Baahubali Day 1 Collections Report – Biggest In Indian Film Industry


It gives great satisfaction and immense joy just to report the first day numbers of the film Baahubali as we very rarely get to witness something truly epic of this proportion. So lets get the ball rolling.

Baahubali was from the day of its announcement expected to set up a new record for opening day. But the way it has went about the usual business has jolted the entire film industry and the trade. The day 1 figures of the film are staggering to say the least and it has broken the previous record by humongous margin. People use the terms like historic, epic, and fantabulous very loosely, Baahubali is the kind of film that deserves such praise. Simply put Baahubali is the biggest opener for Day 1 not just for Telugu film Industry but in entire Indian Film Industry.

Baahubali has set new landmarks for Day 1 in all the areas and the figures for the first day are as follows.

Krishna – 1.25 Cr
Nellore – 0.93 L
Uttar Andhra – 1.75 Cr
Guntur – 2.53 Cr
East – 1.97 Cr
West – 2.54 Cr
Ceded – 5.01 Cr
Nizam – 6.30 Cr

Total AP Day 1 Collections – 22.28 Cr

Note: All Time Record in all Areas

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