Baadshah To Beat Businessman Prasads Record


Prasads IMAX is the first thing that the fans of all stars and the trade look to gauge the anticipation for a film and the size of release. All one has to do is just check out the total number of screenings for a film in Prasads. So far Mahesh Babu’s film 2012 Sankranthi release Businessman has held the record for the biggest release ever in the multiplex with 33 shows. But it looks like finally the record of Businessman is going to be broken.

Apparently the film Baadshah starring Young Tiger NTR is going to have a much bigger release than Businessman. In fact it is being said that only Baadshah would be screened on the first day of the release and there would be no other films running for the day. Well to know the truth we have to wait for a few hours as the bookings for the film would be opened soon.

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