Baadshah Creates New Day 1 Record – Current Top 3


Young Tiger NTR has created new opening day record with his latest release Baadshah. The film has become the first movie to cross the 9 Cr mark domestically, however its included on SG’s, MG’s and hires as well. Baadshah has the opening day record in tack even without taking them into consideration.

Here we give you a look at the top 3 opening day movies in AP with and without SG’s, MG’s and hires.

With SG’s, MG’s and Hires:

1. Baadshah (9.07 Cr)

2. Cameraman Gangatho Rambabu (8.84 Cr)

3. Naayak (8.81 Cr)

Without SG’s, MG’s and Hires:

1. Baadshah (8.65 Cr)

2. Naayak (8.55 Cr)

3. Cameraman Gangatho Rambabu (8.33 Cr)

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