AD Day 6 Box Office Report – The Good And The Bad



Well lets just get done with the bad news first. The bad news is day 6 wasn’t a holiday across the state(barring few territories) as was expected initially which prompted many to have higher expectations for the day. The good news is that Atharintiki Daredi was rock solid in areas with no holidays and was superb in areas with holiday. On the whole early estimates suggest a 3.2 Cr plus day 6.

Here are the figures from various territories. Atharintiki Daredi has now created All Time First Week Records in all the territories of AP.

Krishna – 25 l
Nellore – 13 l
East – 22 l
West – 19 l
Guntur – 27 l
Uttar Andhra – 44 l
Ceded – 54 l
Nizam – 1.70 Cr

Total Day 6 AP share – 3.74 Cr


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