AD Day 11 Collections Report



On day 11, second Monday, piracy and irregular screenings finally seems to have shown its impact, atleast in certain places. In Krishna territory for example the drop was considerable, reasons for which could be attributed to those above said factors along with the film running in more number of theaters. In other territories like Guntur and Nellore, Atharintiki Daredi is going steady as the film seems to have connected with the audience which is pulling them to theaters despite all the external factors going against it. Nizam meanwhile continues to exceptional.

Here are the figures from various territories. Steady Seemandhra collections even though on lower side is finally helping the overall figure of a day of Atharintiki Daredi.

Krishna – 5.97 l
Nellore – 6.81 l
East – 12.3 l
West – 9.97 l
Guntur – 12.11 l
Uttar Andhra – 15 l
Ceded – 25 l
Nizam – 58.44 l

Total Day 11 Collections – 1.45 Cr


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