Third Day Highlights Of The Telugu Bigg Boss Season 4


The Day 3 of Bigg Boss Telugu Season-4 has started up with confrontations and fights but ended up entertaining.

As we all know, the prank played by Bigg Boss through Ariyana and Sohail by confronting the housemates regarding the food.

There were a heated discussion Ariyana and Sohail about why the food has not been served to them.

The discussion was prolonged for a while and intensified when Ariyana was asked to feed her as she didn’t eat anything since morning.

The housemates have thought that it might be a task and no one dared to feed her, but Akhil came forward initially saying that he never fed his parents and he wish to feed her at least.

But he was stopped by the other housemates at the last minute, but Karate Kalyani has fed Ariyana despite many warnings from their fellow housemates.

Kalyani said that she knows that hunger pain and will feed her no matter what happens. A lot of discussion regarding this has happened later.

Kalyani was seen as very emotional during this incident and cried a couple of times.

Gangavva punches have once again triggered laughs in the house. The earlier incident where she retorts Kalyani saying that the teacher is much interested in money rather than getting their students passed.

Now its the turn of Noel. Noel told Gangavva that he is very much tired and desperately needs a shower and Gangavva gave a stunning reply to this.

She asked Noel what has he done from the morning to feel tired. This has evoked some good laughs in the house.

The nature of Gangavva impresses everyone to the core. The way she responds itself, giving the much-needed entertainment in the house.

Overall, with some emotional touch and fights, the Day 3 of Bigg Boss Telugu Season-4 has ended on an entertaining note.

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