Telugu BBS4: Who Is In The Danger Of Elimination This Week?


The 14 contestants seem to have settled down in the Bigg Boss house. Each individual in the house has made their own impact. Out of 14 contestants, the two Aryana and Sohail were safe from the elimination zone as they were confined to the secret room.

From the remaining contestants, 7 members have been listed out to face the elimination this weekend. The nominees for the elimination are Abhijeet, Surya Kiran, Sujatha, Mehboob, Divi, Gangavva, and Akhil.

Out of these nominees, Gangavva is safe as she garnered the maximum vote share. Four contestants are in danger of elimination this weekend. Divi, Sujatha, Akhil, and Surya Kiran are the one’s who are going to have the litmus test this weekend.

Gangavva and Abhijeet are out of elimination as per the vote share and there is a minimal difference among the other contestants down the line. So, anything can happen in the next couple of days. The so-far voting result might also take a turn and remember most unexpected things always happen in the Bigg Boss show.

Who is your choice of elimination in the Bigg Boss Telugu season-4 first week? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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