Telugu BBS4: Is This The Prank Played By Bigg Boss?


Bigg Boss Telugu Season-4 Day 3 has continued its confrontations and the fights regarding the food which is much similar to the previous seasons. Bigg Boss has been continuously warning the housemates regarding the Kattappa in the house and this has literally changed the proceedings of the house.

Getting deep into this, Bigg Boss hinting about a black spot in the house might also be a prank he is playing. This was a similar kind of prank in the Kannada season where he cautions the housemates regarding ‘Kappu Chukke’ which means a black spot in the house and he didn’t reveal it even at the end of the season.

The current season of Bigg Boss Telugu Season-4 seems to be implementing this strategy as the audience clearly knows that Bigg Boss hasn’t appointed any Kattappa to date. Warning about Kattappa in the house is just the mind game of the Bigg Boss and just to make the things spicier, he might have come up with this prank.

The housemates believe Akhil is the Kattappa whom the Bigg Boss is referring to.

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