Bigg Boss 2: Amid nominations, Kaushal winning the hearts with patience


Kaushal Army- A Game Changer In Biggboss Telugu2

Serial actor cum Model Kaushal Manda is now the most talked celebrity in the Bigg Boss Telugu house. This housemate is getting enormous support and love from the viewers of the Season Two for his hard work and Patience. Despite getting nominated every week, this former model is shocking the BB management by surviving the elimination all the time. Let us see what made this once least known actor as a celebrity.

Kaushal Army
Kaushal Army

Kaushal who started his career in modeling went on to become an actor. He floated in many movies, most of the times in negative shades. He tried anchoring, serials and ended up establishing his own company which makes Ads and promotes models. Such an actor entered Bigg Boss Telugu house with minimum expectations. For the first two weeks, he maintained a different tone and none could understand his target. Since the third week, he was targeted constantly by his housemates calling him an unfit contestant for the house. Surprisingly whoever fights with him is getting eliminated in the weekend by the viewers. In the meantime, supporters of this player started loving his game and founded Kaushal Army. This Army has grown bigger and bigger such that it reached a stage where it almost decides the elimination every weekend.

When his fans were asked about the reason to love him, they all say one common point, that is his patience. There were situations where his housemates thrashed him, abused him brutally and made him alone. Still, this player didn’t lose his patience and kept a smiling face to play tasks. They say that only Kaushal is playing real with rather genuine reason for the title and others are playing a safe game. Another finest quality of this gentleman is that he always calls his housemates with respect even in fights. All these made Kaushal, one of the main contender for the title and Kaushal Army pledges to make him the winner. Doesn’t matter if he wins or loses the title, he already won the hearts of millions with his play.


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