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Bigg Boss

Kalyani’s Choice Put Devi In Risk

Karate Kalyani was the second housemate to get evicted from the house in the second week of Telugu Bigg Boss season-4.

Kalyani who has been evicted on Saturday was given an opportunity to name the top five and bottom 5 of the contestants of her choice.

Kalyani has chosen Harika, Amma Rajasekhar, Divi, Abhijeet, and Monal as the top 5 contestants and Sujatha, Sai, Gangavva, Ariyana, and Sohail as the bottom 5 contestants.

She also gave a specific reason for each individual justifying her choice. And as every contestant gets the chance to nominate one before leaving the house, Kalyani too got this opportunity.

Kalyani has thrown the bomb on Devi and elected directly for nomination next week. She has not been nominated even once from the last two weeks and this is going to be her first nomination.

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This has put her in the danger zone as Devi has not garnered the acclaim of the audience at any point till now. So have to see how she impresses the audience in the coming days.