Getting Saved By The Audience Is The Real Mantra In The Bigg Boss Show?


The Bigg Boss game show is one that banks heavily on the emotions of the audience.

Touted to be the world’s biggest reality show, getting into the final and taking the crown is not just possible only by the contestant’s performance but it has something else to consider.

Bigg Boss game show is completely based on how the audience reacts and how to impress the audience.

The contestant’s ability and performance definitely matters the most but there is something else that has to be taken into consideration very seriously.

It’s an emotional connect with the audience that makes the biggest difference in this type of reality game show.

Be it the Siva Balaji or the Kaushal, they have immense support of the audience as they have been connected to such an extent with them.

Getting into the nominations in one way will do a greater good for the contestant. He will be getting an opportunity to grab the attention of the audience.

Let’s consider Divi in the current season. She is one of the nominations for elimination but her performance has drawn the attention of the audience which in turn has saved her from elimination.

Getting saved by the audience, Divi’s popularity among the audience has gone to the next level.

In one way if we observe carefully, getting saved by the audience is the real mantra in winning this show.

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