First Day Highlights Of Telugu Bigg Boss Season 4


The most anticipated show BB 4 Telugu has kickstarted in a grand style and here are the daily highlights of the 1st episode of Telugu bigg boss.

Bigg Boss reality show is something which banks high on emotions. Right from the impressive premiere till the end of day 1, the show has been quite engaging.

It has all the ingredients right from emotional moments to arguments to the nominations. The first episode has been a blend of everything.

One of the significant highlights of episode 1 is the first task where every contestant has to take one chit and answer the question.

Surya Kiran confessed about his lies to his mother regarding his smoking and drinking habits.

Monal gets emotional, talking about her family. Though the other contestants consoled her, this has later led to a small argument among the housemates as they’re deviating the topic.

Gangavva also gets emotional during Monal expressing her pain. Jordar Sujatha was also seen crying later for passing on a negative comment by one of the contestants.

Karate Kalyani has also shed tears, and it looks somewhat odd. Kalyani and Sujatha had a heated argument during the nomination process.

Sohail and Ariana were kept in the secret room. Bigg Boss might have some different plans with this duo as he saved them from the elimination process.

Bigg Boss also warned the housemates regarding a Kattappa hidden among them. Overall, the day one episode is a blend of everything, and it has gone very engaging.

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