Exclusive: Surya Kiran About His Bigg Boss Journey And Co-Contestants


The director Surya Kiran who has been evicted from the Bigg Boss house on the first weekend has made his mark in the audience.

Despite being named as a rantman, he has surprised everyone with his brilliant observation and analysis.

Though he has been evicted, some section of the audience has strongly felt that he is not the one to get evicted anytime soon.

Post the eviction, Suryan Kiran has disclosed some interesting things about his journey and co-contestants in an interview.

He disclosed that he hasn’t watched a single episode of Bigg Boss before coming to the house and the rest were discussing other versions of Bigg Boss as well.

Surya Kiran told that he has just been himself in the show. Surya Kiran openly stated that he wouldn’t have eliminated anytime soon if he hasn’t been evicted in the first week.

He also expressed that even the co-contestants doesn’t know why they nominated him except for shouting on Monal.

He made it clear that he has done it as Monal is deviating the task. Surya Kiran opined that it would have been better if they would have told more positives about Devi rather than pointing out at him for a lame reason.

Surya Kiran also revealed that he had told Monal to give water to everyone in the house so that they get a good impression on her.

He also expressed that he had helped Harika on the 1st day in brooming the house as she was not comfortable doing it wearing a fancy dress.

Surya Kiran expressed his heart out saying that the duo never told this when they got the chance. He also opined that he just can’t fake for the sake of votes.

This director finally said that he was not able to survive in the show because he couldn’t match the others’ immaturities and insecurities.

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