Double elimination Twist, Dethadi Harika Alekhya Survived


The Bigg Boss Telugu season-4 has drawn the attention of the audience like never before and it’s running tremendously with great TRP’s. The second week has come to an end and the Sunday has completely filled with fun and entertainment.

The double-elimination twist has given the much-needed kick to the audience on Sunday and as predicted it has turned out to be a fake elimination.

Kalyani was evicted in the previous episode, and Gangavva was saved. Out of the nine nominated for elimination, 7 members have remained out of which 5 are saved eventually.

Dethadi Harika Alekhya and Monal were left for the eviction finally and later they both shared the same number of votes which has led to the tie break.

Jordar Sujatha has to nominate one from the two, and she has chosen to save Monal leaving Harika for eviction.

All the housemates have bid adieu to Dethadi Harika Alekhya and at the moment she was about to step out of the house, Nagarjuna has revealed that its a fake elimination.

The housemates were quite thrilled after knowing that she was not evicted and overall the double-elimination aka fake elimination twist has entertained all.

Click here to watch dethadi harika alekhya on her youtube channel.

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