Shyamala Evicted As Bigg Boss Turns More Crispy


Biggboss Telugu2 Shyamala Evicted This Week.

The ongoing season of Telugu Bigg Boss is appearing interesting day by day. This weekend the host Nani eliminated the re-entered Shyamala from the house as expected.

Biggboss Telugu2 Shyamala Evicted
Biggboss Telugu2 Shyamala Evicted

This week had been a blast to the Bigg Boss Telugu viewers with the fights of Kaushal and Geetha Madhuri and the ticket to grand finale task. Among the nominated housemates, Kaushal, Samrat and Deepthi Nallamothu got saved by the votes of the audience and Shyamala got evicted. Shyamala who was sent out by the Kaushal in July got the chance to enter the house yet again by the votes. Since her re-entry, Shyamala showcased new energy and became one of the strong contestants. Since the last couple of weeks, She lost her balance and made the housemates to target Kaushal indirectly. Even with the host Nani’s cautions, Shyamala failed to keep up her vibe in the house and viewers thought its time to eliminate her as her competitors are quite stronger than her.


Needless to say, Kaushal Army is one of the main force behind her elimination. It is obvious that she was sent in with the huge support of Kaushal Army as it thought that Shyamala would stand as a support to their hero Kaushal. But she changed her colours and even dared to tell the housemates about Kaushal Army a couple of times. She finally paid the price and is out of the house this Sunday.


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