Last Week Hungama: Kaushal Vs Tanish


BiggBoss Telugu2 Kaushal Vs Tanish Fight:

As the Season two has entered the last week nominations, the show reached a new peak with the most expected fights between arch rivals Kaushal and Tanish.

BiggBoss Telugu2 Kaushal Vs Tanish Fight
BiggBoss Telugu2 Kaushal Vs Tanish Fight

Post the elimination of Amit, the house completely became two groups. One is Kaushal’s one-man army and remaining housemates in the other group. Already all the housemates are furious of getting nominated because of Kaushal as the latter broke the rules of Bigg Boss by writing something on the tissue paper. This anger got aggravated in the new task given by the Bigg Boss to get immunity from the eliminations. The task is to fill their stalls with sand and in this, Kaushal and Tanish fought neck to neck.


The fight reached a new stage such that at one point, they manhandled each other. When they are about to hit each other, Bigg Boss warned them to stop fighting or else they both would get evicted immediately. As per the plan, Bigg Boss is targeting Kaushal to make him a villain among his fans to get desired TRPs.


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