Will Bigg Boss Put Nani’s Reputation At Stake For Kaushal?


Biggboss Telugu2 Latest Update. Nani’s Reputation On Stake?


The Bigg Boss Telugu has reached a never seen high peak in the expectations and TRPs. Growing fan following for the housemate Kaushal and negativity on the Host Nani among the netizens is troubling the Bigg Boss Management.

Biggboss Telugu2
Biggboss Telugu2

The housemate Kaushal is currently a hero in the two Telugu States as all the viewers are almost confirming him as the title winner. At the same time, the recent developments in the Bigg Boss and ongoing speculations are working against Kaushal.

According to some speculations, Kushal Army is finding fault with the host Nani for his unconditional support to some housemates like Tanish and all. Not stopping there, they allege Nani of targeting Kaushal even though there are more controversial issues than the latter.

Their hatred reached a new level such that some section of Kaushal Army even trending the tag of #boycottDevdas. This unexpected negativity is killing the host and he is lobbying to eliminate Kaushal taking things personally.


In this crucial stage, none knows whether Bigg Boss favours Nani and eliminate Kaushal or keep Kaushal in the home leaving Nani to netizens.

Either way, Kaushal has already got a huge fan base among the masses and among netizens. As stated by Rashmi Gautam, there will be huge protests if Bigg Boss fails to make Kaushal the title winner.

With his Patience and sympathy, Kaushal already became a hero and gathered millions of fans. His hardcore supporters are waiting to make him know how much craze he has outside the house.

On the flip side, Kaushal surpassed the mighty blow of getting nominated for the end of the season and went back to his normal game to win the season. Good luck Kaushal!

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