Bigg Boss 2: Kaushal Gets Cornered Yet Again By The Housemates


BiggBoss Telugu2 Kaushal:

With just less than one week to the grand finale, the five remaining housemates are giving tough competition to one another. In the yesterday’s task, it was once again evident that all the housemates are not liking Kaushal at any point.

BiggBoss Telugu2 Kaushal
BiggBoss Telugu2 Kaushal

Post the elimination of Roll Rida, the house fights got cooled down as the task became less violent. However, the tasks now are more emotional which reflects the hearts of the inmates. The other day, Bigg Boss asked each housemate to reveal their favorite contestant to stand in the finals. All the housemates rejected Kaushal and declared that they are not even want to face finals with Kaushal. Tanish selected Samrat and the latter reciprocated the same. Also, Deepthi and Geetha chose each other to stand in the finals. All these commonly dislike Kaushal stating that he failed to become close to them even after spending all these days. They declared that Kaushal himself distanced from others and failed to win hearts of the housemates.


The sudden social media hero Kaushal picked Geetha claiming that she survived many nominations and rejected Samrat for being just twice in the nominations. Samrat later reacted with logic for which Kaushal was seen half agreeing. Kaushal seemed to be losing his pace and his anti-fans are favoring Deepthi for a couple of weeks.


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