Housemates Fighting Hard For The Grand Finale Ticket


Biggboss Telugu Season 2 Updates:

As stated by the host Nani, the Bigg Boss Season two housemates have reached a level such that they have to fight individually. Yesterday’s task is said to be one of the biggest and craziest tasks in the entire season so far.

Biggboss Telugu Season 2
Biggboss Telugu Season 2

After the double elimination, the house is almost turning to be more competitive. The other day, Bigg Boss gave a special task to make the way directly to the grand finale. When the housemates are inside the house, Bigg Boss arranged a car at the garden area and asked the contestants to get into the car. The task is to sit inside the car for twenty-four hours to get the direct entry into the grand finale. At the same time, if there is more than one person inside the car after the twenty-four hours, then none would get the chance. As the key player Kaushal got nominated for the entire season, other housemates rushed into the car whereas the prior was appointed as the judge.


All entered the car except for Roll Rida as his mike hangs outside the car so Kaushal got him out. Remaining members Geetha, Deepthi, Samrat, Tanish and Shyamala are trying their best to get others out of the car. This nerve wrecking task is going to get continue for today in order to get more TRPs. Way to go Bigg Boss.


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