Bigg Boss plot twist: Geetha’s atom bomb on Kaushal


BiggBoss Telugu Season 2 Exclusive Updates.


The Bigg Boss Telugu Season two has reached its peak stage with the new task given to the housemates. The yesterday’s episode ended with a huge disappointment for all the hardcore fans of Kaushal leaving the show in most interesting phase.

BiggBoss Telugu Season 2
BiggBoss Telugu Season 2

After the elimination of Pooja, the house completely focussed on targeting Kaushal. With Geetha Madhuri joining the haters of Kaushal in the house, it became more complex for Kaushal to find supporters in the house. Bigg Boss organized the Murder Crime Investigation game to the housemates to prove their talent and to escape from the eliminations. The task is that a Murderer shall be given five secret tasks to kill five respective people without getting caught by Police and the Investigator. To everyone’s surprise, Geetha got the chance to play as a murderer and intelligently finished all the tasks. All praises for her witty play such that she made the housemates focus on Deepthi and Nuthan Naidu. As the Bigg Boss declared that the task has ended after Geetha’s killing all the targets of Shyamala, Kaushal, Amit, Samrat, and Deepthi; Bigg Boss announces that Geetha is the winner of this task.


Here came the actual unexpected climax of the day. For the winner, Bigg Boss gave a special power to nominate a housemate until the end of the season. It means the housemate on which Geetha throws the bomb will face nominations for all the weeks he lives in the house. As expected, she threw this bomb on her new rival Kaushal and the latter got shattered with it. Bigg Boss irked the fan club of Kaushal and they are furious about this task. Some of the fans of Kaushal opine that Bigg Boss intentionally waited for a chance to target Kaushal all these days and yesterday, it was fulfilled. Now the chances for Kaushal to win the title have been slimmed down


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