Bigg Boss 2: Evicted Tejaswi opens up on her relationship with Samrat


BiggBoss Telugu 2 Updates.


The Bigg Boss Telugu Season-2 beauty Tejaswi Madivada finally responded to the ongoing rumours regarding her alleged marriage with actor Samrat. Her answer not only shocked her followers but did more damage to her own image.

BiggBoss Telugu 2
BiggBoss Telugu 2

With an aim to win the title and to learn Western dance, Tejaswi Madivada entered the Bigg Boss house but ended up falling in love with her housemate Samrat. For more than four weeks, this loving couple tortured many of the viewers. In addition to their love track, her attitude helped her elimination. More than her, ardent followers of Bigg Boss opined that she actually spoiled the game of Samrat by influencing him. After her exit, the same critics convinced that Samrat improved a lot and became a strong contender for the title. The moment she came out of the house, many asked her about her marriage with Samrat watching all the love track episodes between them. Tejaswi who already furious about her portrayal of high attitude girl by Star Maa thrashed at the questioners to stop judging their relationship. She confessed that both her and Samrat went through many hardships and they found solace with each other. This Ice Cream fame finally declared that Samrat is just a friend and nothing more.

If at all she marries Samrat, many would believe that at least her love is genuine. With this statement, she lost all the leftover good image of her among her followers. Forget getting fame, Her presence in Bigg Boss caused damage to her career.

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