Player Or Captain Or Sanchalak: Kaushal’s Game Is Always On


Bigg Boss Telugu2. Kaushal:

Bigg Boss Telugu is going to be ended in a couple of weeks and every action contestants do inside the house matters their win or elimination. In this situation, the most celebrated housemate Kaushal is facing the unwanted heat from some section of fans with his recent actions.

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Kaushal Army is working hard to make its boss Kaushal the title winner of Season Two. With his natural game, Kaushal too impressing the viewers of Bigg Boss. but the happened a couple of days, this social media’s hero is speculated to be losing his game by constantly arguing with the ladies in the house. Maximum fans of Geetha Madhuri’s fans are ladies and so are the fans of Deepthi Nallamothu. With Kaushal blaming the games of ladies all the time, he is losing the votes of some section of ladies in the two Telugu States.


On the flip side, he is wooing the fans with his gaming style. In the happened task of a ticket to the grand finale, Kaushal worked as the Sanchalak. This gamer who always plays his own game invented and put his own rules even as Sanchalak and impressed all. When the housemates argued against Kaushal’s rules, Bigg Boss voted in favour of this Model turned actor and shocked the housemates proving that there is no other housemate who understands the rules better than Kaushal.


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