Bigg Boss Telugu: Wild Card Entry And The Surprise Gift


As we mentioned earlier, the makers of Bigg Boss have finally revealed the wild card entry number three by sending her inside the house.

The actress Swati Deekshith has officially made her entry and the Bigg Boss has planned it big this time.

She joined the housemates wearing a mask and each one of them has been surprised to know who the entry was.

She gave her entry while the housemates were dancing to a song and it has been perfectly and grandly designed by the makers.

The Bigg Boss has given a special task for all the men in the house such that who wins will get a special gift.

They were all asked to impress Swathi Deekshith to bag that surprise gift. Noel, Abhijeet, and Akhil sang a song for her while Amma Rajasekhar and Avinash made her laugh by cracking jokes. Mehboob as usual has focused on his workout to impress her.

Finally, Swathi declared that she was impressed by Amma Rajasekhar, Noel, Avinash, and Akhil. The surprise gift was a party lounge for all the four men along with Swathi.

The other housemates were not allowed to enter the lounge. The four men have partied with Swathi by dancing with her.

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